Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I passed!

Yay for me! I passed my glucose test and all of my 28 week labs! I am still being watched for possible hypertension,but at least I dont have to worry about all those other things too!

Ethan has been curling up in my belly and at times it really feels like hes going to pop out.Hes mainly staying up high on my right side.He is still moving around a good bit but not as much as he was. At first I was very worried with the decrease in movement but my dr reassured me it is just bc Ethan is getting less and less room to move around in. She also told me he would start to curl up (and he did!)

Greg is still doing good! He got the new batman game so he has been spending all his time on that mess.

I go back to the reg ob next thur and to the mfm next fri for another us! Im really ready for next fri to get here! I wanna see how much my lil man has grown! It feels like he has a lot and my tummy looks alot bigger!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Appt today.

What a day! I went in at 7 this morning for yet antoher 3 hr glucose test (I had to fast for 12hrs before hand UGH!)
I get there and they tell me I will be seeing the dr today and doing my 28weeks labs and my 3hr. I went and did my vitals first and the cma asked how Ive been feeling and such, I told her Ive been getting a bit light headed and my headaches are back in full force and that Ive been watching my bp and it has been going up and down a lot. Well she took my weight and SURPRISE I lost 2 lbs over the past 4 weeks this means im back down to 222 and I have only gained 7lbs the entire pregnancy. She took my bp and it was high 141/92 (im usually like 117/64) so I went to the lab and got my first set of tubes drawn (the fasting tube and then 3 tubes for the 28week labs) they of course missed quit a bit then finally got my vein (through out the whole day I was stuck 15x and needless to say they missed A LOT and blew my veins in both arms and I look like a complete bruised ip addict) moving on, I went back and saw the dr after the first set of tubes were done and she said the my belly(uterus) is growing great and Ethans heartbeat was great. She also made a comment on how Ethan wont be still very long and I told her trust me I know! He like to play catch me if you can! Well, she said that she believes that I am forming hypertension but she wasnt going to diagnosis me just yet, she wants to observe it a bit more first. Then I was told I have to start going to her office (my reg ob) every two weeks and that I will more than likely be going to see my mfm dr every two weeks. To top it off she said at my next visit with the mfm (on the 4th) I will be reffered to another set of drs as well and they will be seeing me weekly until they deliver me. This team will be the ones who do my c section and who prep Ethan for his surgery, Im excited to meet them but Im upset about there being so many appts. It is going to be VERY hard to pull it off with my job.
Well, I went back and sat in the lab after meeting with the dr and my 1hr draw and 2 hr draws were ok (lots of sticks but ok) then my last one the 3hr...the timer went off, and I was waiting to get stuck and I took off running, I threw it all up and the last stick :( they were going to make me start all over but the dr said it was ok to go ahead and draw the last tube! Thank goodness! I dont think I could go through that again! Well, I got home and Ive been sick ever since. I have ate and ate and drank and dran but nothing helps! Oh well Just gotta remember its all for Ethan!
Well Im going to bed! Ill be back on here soon!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Third Trimester!! YAY!!!

As of yesterday (Mon 8-17) I am offically in my third trimester!! As of today I only have 9 weeks until Ethan will arrive! I am soo excited! I dont even know what to really say about it in all honesty just that I feel so accomplished, I dont have much more to go!

On another note Greg is still sick, but he is finally acting a little better. I dont know how I have managed to do this but I have blown out a vessel in my left eye and it HURTS!!! My eye is a bit swollen and it looks horrible (its blood shot bad) but I guess it will heal soon! At least I hope it will!

Well i dont really have much to say tonight! So Good night!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Still feeling accomplished!

I did it!! I got Ethans room cleaned out completely on Fri! And today Greg finally took out all the boxes of thing i had packed to go in the building! It is sooo nice to go in there and look around and know it is finally ETHANS room! I also got the rest of the house all nice and tidy! For the first time in a few weeks I would be completely fine with company just dropping in and not be worried about what they think about our house!

We went to the movies yesterday (Greg and I) and saw GI Joe, it was a good movie, very action packed but I dont think Ethan enjoyed it! He was moving around like crazy the whole time. I could actually sit there and watch my stomach move (this has been occuring more and more often recently) I think it was a little to loud for the little man! He better get used to it now though, we all know how loud his daddy and me can be!

I have to tell you that Greg sent me a text the other day while we were both at work and I have thought about it ever since, it was simply and I guess to others it would be meaningless but to me it was so sweet and I cant get it off my mind! All it said was "hows my babies doing?" Thats the first time he has really asked about both of us, it's always how are you or is Ethan active today? Idk I just thought it was sweet!

Well, Im going to get off here and go make dinner! Im really hungry, and Im sure if I am that means Ethan is too!

Friday, August 14, 2009

A lot to accomplish today

I am up early on my day off! Haven't quit made it out of the bed yet, but I will soon! Today I have so much to do and Can't wait till it's all over! Greg is working over time today 630-430 so Im left to get things done by myself. My sis is supposed to be helping me but she usually doesnt get out of bed until noon (I wish I could do that just 1 day!) Anyways, so this is what I've got going on today! 1.clean out the rest of the junk that is in Ethans room 2.dishes (which will be a 1hr project,:( I really let them pile up) 3. the living room,and kitchen need completely scrubbed top to bottom I haven't done it in a little bit and Im scared to know how dirty it REALLY is! 4. Go all the way to Charlotte to my blessed bank ( I bank with the credit union and the only branch is in charlotte ugh!) Then 5. Get dinner ready!

Making it into a list makes me feel like there really isn't much to do! But looking around the house lol WOW I better get started! Im ashamed to say I've really let the house go.

ETHAN: What can I say about my lil man today! He was very active yesterday! Him and Greg played again last night and it was so cute! Greg would tap on the side of my stomach and Ethan would kick at him (very hard) And Greg would laugh and do it all over again. This went on for a good 10min (which while being kicked hard in the same spot feels like forever! But it was well worth it.) I also must tell you that while Greg was tapping on my tummy he was doing it in a rythem (dun dun dun dun dun, dun dun) Well he was trying to get Ethan to do the last 2 dun dun taps lol he kept saying come on Ethan you can do it! Its just two kicks lmao it was adorable! And he id do it one time but apparently were going to have to work on his rythem lol(that is what greg told me)

Well I'm going to go and get the house started! Have a good day!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Another day another dollar!

Since yesterday I have been extremely tired. I got home from work a little late yesterday so I came home, responded to a few emails and went to bed! I got woke up early today (Greg decided to turn on every light in the house and make all the noise he possibly could will getting ready for work at 5:30a ugh) so I've just been sitting on the couch on the computer. I never couls fall back to sleep. I have to be at work from 12-7 today and I dread it. Everytime I work later in the day I feel like Im just going to collapse into a deep sleep! But Im a trooper! I'll make it!

Today doesn't seem to be such a good day for Greg either. He was just on break at work and said that they are trying to kill him. Apparently they have him on the really fast machine again today. You know I try to be supportive an feel bad for him, but I have a really hard time doing it. All I can think is you try being pregnant and doing anything!!! I cant bend certain ways anymore AT ALL and I cant do 1/2 of anything I could before...then Im being kicked in the ribs and crotch all the time (dont get me wrong though I love feelinh Ethan move, but man can he be strong at times!)

I think I have done enough complaining for one day! So Im just gonna lay here one more hr then get ready and go into work! Hope everyone has a nice day!

Monday, August 10, 2009


So, I just got done writing breifly about this last night, the whole people being ignorant thing and how I am tring to remind myself that I too didn't know much about sb at one point (and might I add I am still learning) But today I got another comment that I kjust thought I had to share. Here's the story!
For those of you that don't know I am a phlebotomist at a blood center. Now that I look like a whale (lol seriously my belly is HUGE!!) Well my donors always ask the same q' far along are you and what are you having! I tell them what week I am in and that it's a little boy and Im naming him Ethan. Well, today (of all days) the donor asked when I was due and I said nov 9th but Im going to have im Oct 20th. The donor asked why so early and am I having a c section or something and I responded, well Ethan has spina bifida so they will be doing a c section a little earlier bc they think he will have better results if I dont go into labor and that after he is born they will do his back closer surgery. Well, a darling co worker of mine decided to chime in..."well ya know I was thinking about your baby the other day..cant they just fuse hus spine back together and make it all better?or just put a rod in ya know?" All I could do is smile and kinda snicker. I responded I wish it was that easy but it's not. They will close his back up but you cant really "fix" the nerves or the "fused" spinal area. You can do lots of therapy to build stregnth and things of that nature though. Then my co worker replied back "Well, thats just crazy, I should become a dr and make the surgery to fix it myself" I just smiled and said "well I think we better just stick to what we do best !PHLEBOTOMY!!!"

OMG IGNORANT!! Didn't I just tell you that it wouldn't work that way. Then to top it off my donor is sitting right here. I don't mind discussing anything to do with Ethans condition with anyone, but come on there is a time and a place for everthing. The donor never really said anything to me bust kinda smiled (I think she could tell I got irritated) but MAN!!!

Anyways, I was sent home from work darling morning sickness decided to make a reapperance today! I thought the one time at 5am was going to be it, but nope!! It went with me to work and decided not to go away, so I came home and laid down! I feel much better now thankfully!

Well, I hope everyone had a good day today and I will post again tomm night! It is almost time for greg to get home and Im trying to finish up dinner!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Just another long day!

Just another long day today. I worked this morning until 3p then came home and tried to take a nap (of course Ethan didn't really cooperate) So I just laid there for a little bit then here I am. I have a horrible headache and no matter what I do I can't cool off. I promise you it is close to 100 in my house no matter how much I turn the air up.UGH!! Apparently it is just me bc Greg seems so comfortable.

So today I had a comment made to me and to be honest the ignorance in it kinda pissed me off, but at the same time I just wanted to laugh. This person said "should you be working this hard and doing all that you are seeing as how your baby has a problem?" OK..thanks for the concern but my activity doesnt harm Ethans sb. I know that this person wasn't trying to be ugly and they honestly didn't know, it just amazes me at how ignorant people can be. Then again to be honest before Ethan's diagnosis I couldn't really tell you much about sb either. All I knew is that is had something to do with the spine not fully developing correctly and the people who have it generally either can't walk or have trouble walking. So, I guess I should remember this and make myself realize people just aren't educated enough.

Well, I think I have ranted enough :) Im gonna go lay back down under the fan!

Friday, August 7, 2009

News from the mfm dr!

So, the appt went well today! YAY!! After all the bad news we recieve everytime we go it was extremely refreshin for Greg and I to get some good news! As of right now they still believe that Ethan's SB is at the L4-5 level, they measured the "sac" and it is 2cm which apparently is good bc it means not as much nerve damage as if it were bigger! His brain ventricles are "PERFECT!!!" there is no swelling and no extra fluid!! As far as the arnold chiari malformation...the dr is not positive that he has it. he actually said he is leaning towards no! He said that the cerbelum is formed oddly but he said that doesnt always result in ACII. Apparently it is very common for children with sb to have cerebelum and heads formed a little funny because of the neurotubal defect. As far as his feet there is still no signs of them being clubbed! He is measuring right on target and he is currently weighing 2lbs 4oz!

We also got our date for delivery!!! Oct 20th!!! I will go in on the 19th and get a amino done to be sure Ethan's lungs are fully developed (according to the dr only 5% of babies dont have fully developed lungs at that point) But as long as everything is ok I will deliver at 730a on the 20th! Ethan will have his surgery on his back early that afternoon! (Might I also add that Oct 20th is my dads b-day so this will be a wonderful present for him!!) Anyways the dr said that he is so confident that Ethan's lung will be fully developed that he is gonna go ahead and put me in the book so my time is reserved!!!

I have a few upcoming appts over the next 5 weeks...8-20 I go to the reg ob to do yet another 3hr glucose and for a reg check up visit (heartbeat and measurements) on 9-4 I go back to the mfm dr for another ultrasound to check on his brain ventricles,cerebelum, and sb lesion, on 9-8 we will meet with our neurosergon for the first time for him to explain thhe proceedure and answer questions for us!!

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting us and praying for us! Obviously it works!! Only 11weeks and 3 days until Ethan is here YICKS!!!! We have a ton to do!!!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Can't wait till tomm!

Well, I go to the Dr at 1030 in the morning!!! I can't wait it seems like forever since I got to see little Ethan and he is so much more active now I can't wait to see him moving in the ultrasound! Greg gets to go with me tomm which makes it that much more exciting! I love watching his face as he sees our son!

After my appt we have a appt for Greg at 150. Hopefully the dr will figure out whats wrong this time around! I really want him to feel better soon, I actually feel bad for him. I never thought I would say that after being pregnant (and I wont tell him!! I always tell him try throwing up while being kicked from the inside!)

Anyways, Im about to go to bed I can't believe it is already 9 and I am exhausted! I'll let you all know tomm evening what the Drs say. Wish us luck!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The baby shower is all planned out!

Today, Mimi (lisa) and lee lee (my sis) and myself got all the plans for my baby shower pulled together! I'm sooo excited and cannot wait! Were are having it Sept12 soo just a little over a month away! I've already got the invintations done and mailed which I am so proud of! Naturally my theme is Winnie the Pooh just like all of Ethans stuff will be!

Greg is feeling better then yesterday but still not feeling that good. I have been really tired all day (guess it is just part of being pregnant!) And our little man Ethan has been very active again! He is once again hitting me in my bladder..I think it's among his favorite things to do along with stretching out! I can't wait to meet him!!!! Im sure he is going to be such a mess!

Well Im heading off to bed again! I wish I had more people following me on here..I was really hoping to get rid of twitter and facebook and just do this and babycenter and the occ myspace bc I love my layouts! Thank you for being my friend Erica lol your my only one!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

What a long day!

Well, I don't have much time to be on here tonight. It has been a really long day I had a meeting at work at 8a then I worked from 12-6 when I got off work I went to babies r us and bought a winnie the pooh night light and winnie the pooh lamp and got it all for $15!!!

My grandma had shoulder replacement surgery today and all went well! She is at home already but in a lot of pain so please pray for her!

My poor Greg is sick still :( I hope he gets to feeling better soon. I hate seen him not feeling good.

Ethan has been VERY active today!He's been doing lots of flips and kicks today! At least we all know hes ok!!

Well Im going to hop off here for the night, im on the phone with my grandma checkin on her and about to go take care of Greg!


Sunday, August 2, 2009

First time blogging!

Hello!! Well it's my first time blogging EVER and I am quite excited! I thought this would be a good way to update everyone on things going on with me, Greg, and most importantly our bundle of joy on the way Ethan!

For those of you that don't know our story I will give you a brief history!
Greg and I began dating in 2004 and got married Jan 25th 2007 (my birthday!) We were expecting our first child in 2005 and sadly our baby did not make it and proceeded onto heaven. We named our little boy Jame Alexander Whitaker and refer to him a lot by Alex (This will help some confusion later I'm sure! I tend to talk about Alex a lot and forget that I haven't exactly explained who he is.) After the loss of Alex they couldn't figure out what happened, I went through a ton of testing and in 2006 found out I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrom) this makes it very difficult for me to lose weight, and it makes me insulin resistant. I also do not ovulate regularly due to this condition. I went through many Drs and many tests trying to be able to ovulate regularly so that I could get pregnant and after many failures the Drs finally told me I only had a 10% chance of concieveing. I gave up on my hopes of being able to have my own child and began talking about adoption in Dec 08 (which Greg didn't exactly agree with, he believed we would get pregnant when the time was right) and SURPRISE!!!!!! Feb 9th 09 we concieved Ethan without any meds or anything! I am currently 25weeks 6days pregnant with Ethan and things are going well! At our 18week anatomy scan we found out that Ethan has a condition called Spina Bifida at the time they believed it was at the S2 level. At our 22weeks visit we found out that it is actually a bit higher at L4, we were also told that Ethan has Chiari Malformation II, and that as of now his ventricles are just fine but there is a 90% chance he will have Hydrocephalus by the time he is born and that if he doesn't have it by then surely he will after his back closer.

NOW, what this means per say. According to the Drs Ethan will not have any bowel or bladder control and will need to be cathed numerous times a day and will need to be on meds for the bowels. The Drs also say that Ethan will not be able to walk but if he does he will need a lot of assistance and by the time hes about 11 he will be in a wheelchair because he simply wont be strong enough. What I believe is what I have been reading from people in the baby center Spina Bifida Kids group. From their wors of wisdom to me and from the other posts Ive seen and pictures and videos of their children, I know Ethan will be just fine! These parents have given me such hope and joy and have led me to a comfort level with all this news that I can once again enjoy my pregnancy (to some extent)! There are some children that are affected in the same level or higher than Ethan that walk with and without assistance, not all of them end up with hydrocephalus!!! For me I mush prefer to listen to what families with expierence have been through or what they are currently going through and look at how well their children are doing before I come to conclusions. I know that each child is different but I believe that my son will be out there running with the best of them one day!

I think that is ebough for tonight! I feel like I just wrote a novel! :) I'll be back tomm though! Goodnight!