Friday, August 14, 2009

A lot to accomplish today

I am up early on my day off! Haven't quit made it out of the bed yet, but I will soon! Today I have so much to do and Can't wait till it's all over! Greg is working over time today 630-430 so Im left to get things done by myself. My sis is supposed to be helping me but she usually doesnt get out of bed until noon (I wish I could do that just 1 day!) Anyways, so this is what I've got going on today! 1.clean out the rest of the junk that is in Ethans room 2.dishes (which will be a 1hr project,:( I really let them pile up) 3. the living room,and kitchen need completely scrubbed top to bottom I haven't done it in a little bit and Im scared to know how dirty it REALLY is! 4. Go all the way to Charlotte to my blessed bank ( I bank with the credit union and the only branch is in charlotte ugh!) Then 5. Get dinner ready!

Making it into a list makes me feel like there really isn't much to do! But looking around the house lol WOW I better get started! Im ashamed to say I've really let the house go.

ETHAN: What can I say about my lil man today! He was very active yesterday! Him and Greg played again last night and it was so cute! Greg would tap on the side of my stomach and Ethan would kick at him (very hard) And Greg would laugh and do it all over again. This went on for a good 10min (which while being kicked hard in the same spot feels like forever! But it was well worth it.) I also must tell you that while Greg was tapping on my tummy he was doing it in a rythem (dun dun dun dun dun, dun dun) Well he was trying to get Ethan to do the last 2 dun dun taps lol he kept saying come on Ethan you can do it! Its just two kicks lmao it was adorable! And he id do it one time but apparently were going to have to work on his rythem lol(that is what greg told me)

Well I'm going to go and get the house started! Have a good day!

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