Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dr' Dr's Dr's

Recently Ethan and I have been at a Dr a week. If it's not urology it is neuro, if it's not neuro its the ped and so on. This Fri we are going to Ortho to be looked at for AFO's yet again. When we were seen by neuro last week we were told that he is 100% sure E will now need AFO's on at least his right foot if not on both. I dread this appt bc we have done so well for so long and it seems ike such a smack in the face, but I know he needs it and I know that it will be the best thing for him so in the same breath I am all for it. Neuro also told us last week that itt looks like E's spinal cord is tetthering, we will go for our MRI next Thur and if it is we will have surgery to repair it soon. This is eatting at me too..I know these things are expected, and I hate to admit this, but I like to pretend like there is a steel shield around E and that he is protected from all of these things. I guess eventually some things are bound to go wrong. We are also going to follow up with urology yet again to check his right kidney. At our appt last week I was told his left kidney is excellent and so is his bladder and both kidneys are growing great but he now has stage 4 kidney reflux in the right one.

And as for myslef. I went for my sleep study last Thur night, I stopped breathing 19x's which is NOT considered sleep apnea now onto the nexr stdy to see why I am always so exhausted and falling asleep at the wheel. : /  I went to my cardiologist on Friday and was told i have arrythmia and palpatations...surprise!! Oh well, just something else I have to look after I suppose.

All in all things are still going good. Ethan is talking well now, he is running, climbing, getting in trouble..all the things an almost two yr old should be doing! I will update again soon after his MRI next week, please keep us in your prayers that the teether is A) not there or B) not causing any severe damage to anything

Thank you all!