Monday, August 10, 2009


So, I just got done writing breifly about this last night, the whole people being ignorant thing and how I am tring to remind myself that I too didn't know much about sb at one point (and might I add I am still learning) But today I got another comment that I kjust thought I had to share. Here's the story!
For those of you that don't know I am a phlebotomist at a blood center. Now that I look like a whale (lol seriously my belly is HUGE!!) Well my donors always ask the same q' far along are you and what are you having! I tell them what week I am in and that it's a little boy and Im naming him Ethan. Well, today (of all days) the donor asked when I was due and I said nov 9th but Im going to have im Oct 20th. The donor asked why so early and am I having a c section or something and I responded, well Ethan has spina bifida so they will be doing a c section a little earlier bc they think he will have better results if I dont go into labor and that after he is born they will do his back closer surgery. Well, a darling co worker of mine decided to chime in..."well ya know I was thinking about your baby the other day..cant they just fuse hus spine back together and make it all better?or just put a rod in ya know?" All I could do is smile and kinda snicker. I responded I wish it was that easy but it's not. They will close his back up but you cant really "fix" the nerves or the "fused" spinal area. You can do lots of therapy to build stregnth and things of that nature though. Then my co worker replied back "Well, thats just crazy, I should become a dr and make the surgery to fix it myself" I just smiled and said "well I think we better just stick to what we do best !PHLEBOTOMY!!!"

OMG IGNORANT!! Didn't I just tell you that it wouldn't work that way. Then to top it off my donor is sitting right here. I don't mind discussing anything to do with Ethans condition with anyone, but come on there is a time and a place for everthing. The donor never really said anything to me bust kinda smiled (I think she could tell I got irritated) but MAN!!!

Anyways, I was sent home from work darling morning sickness decided to make a reapperance today! I thought the one time at 5am was going to be it, but nope!! It went with me to work and decided not to go away, so I came home and laid down! I feel much better now thankfully!

Well, I hope everyone had a good day today and I will post again tomm night! It is almost time for greg to get home and Im trying to finish up dinner!

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