Friday, August 7, 2009

News from the mfm dr!

So, the appt went well today! YAY!! After all the bad news we recieve everytime we go it was extremely refreshin for Greg and I to get some good news! As of right now they still believe that Ethan's SB is at the L4-5 level, they measured the "sac" and it is 2cm which apparently is good bc it means not as much nerve damage as if it were bigger! His brain ventricles are "PERFECT!!!" there is no swelling and no extra fluid!! As far as the arnold chiari malformation...the dr is not positive that he has it. he actually said he is leaning towards no! He said that the cerbelum is formed oddly but he said that doesnt always result in ACII. Apparently it is very common for children with sb to have cerebelum and heads formed a little funny because of the neurotubal defect. As far as his feet there is still no signs of them being clubbed! He is measuring right on target and he is currently weighing 2lbs 4oz!

We also got our date for delivery!!! Oct 20th!!! I will go in on the 19th and get a amino done to be sure Ethan's lungs are fully developed (according to the dr only 5% of babies dont have fully developed lungs at that point) But as long as everything is ok I will deliver at 730a on the 20th! Ethan will have his surgery on his back early that afternoon! (Might I also add that Oct 20th is my dads b-day so this will be a wonderful present for him!!) Anyways the dr said that he is so confident that Ethan's lung will be fully developed that he is gonna go ahead and put me in the book so my time is reserved!!!

I have a few upcoming appts over the next 5 weeks...8-20 I go to the reg ob to do yet another 3hr glucose and for a reg check up visit (heartbeat and measurements) on 9-4 I go back to the mfm dr for another ultrasound to check on his brain ventricles,cerebelum, and sb lesion, on 9-8 we will meet with our neurosergon for the first time for him to explain thhe proceedure and answer questions for us!!

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting us and praying for us! Obviously it works!! Only 11weeks and 3 days until Ethan is here YICKS!!!! We have a ton to do!!!!!

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