Monday, August 3, 2009

What a long day!

Well, I don't have much time to be on here tonight. It has been a really long day I had a meeting at work at 8a then I worked from 12-6 when I got off work I went to babies r us and bought a winnie the pooh night light and winnie the pooh lamp and got it all for $15!!!

My grandma had shoulder replacement surgery today and all went well! She is at home already but in a lot of pain so please pray for her!

My poor Greg is sick still :( I hope he gets to feeling better soon. I hate seen him not feeling good.

Ethan has been VERY active today!He's been doing lots of flips and kicks today! At least we all know hes ok!!

Well Im going to hop off here for the night, im on the phone with my grandma checkin on her and about to go take care of Greg!


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