Thursday, August 6, 2009

Can't wait till tomm!

Well, I go to the Dr at 1030 in the morning!!! I can't wait it seems like forever since I got to see little Ethan and he is so much more active now I can't wait to see him moving in the ultrasound! Greg gets to go with me tomm which makes it that much more exciting! I love watching his face as he sees our son!

After my appt we have a appt for Greg at 150. Hopefully the dr will figure out whats wrong this time around! I really want him to feel better soon, I actually feel bad for him. I never thought I would say that after being pregnant (and I wont tell him!! I always tell him try throwing up while being kicked from the inside!)

Anyways, Im about to go to bed I can't believe it is already 9 and I am exhausted! I'll let you all know tomm evening what the Drs say. Wish us luck!!!

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