Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The baby shower is all planned out!

Today, Mimi (lisa) and lee lee (my sis) and myself got all the plans for my baby shower pulled together! I'm sooo excited and cannot wait! Were are having it Sept12 soo just a little over a month away! I've already got the invintations done and mailed which I am so proud of! Naturally my theme is Winnie the Pooh just like all of Ethans stuff will be!

Greg is feeling better then yesterday but still not feeling that good. I have been really tired all day (guess it is just part of being pregnant!) And our little man Ethan has been very active again! He is once again hitting me in my bladder..I think it's among his favorite things to do along with stretching out! I can't wait to meet him!!!! Im sure he is going to be such a mess!

Well Im heading off to bed again! I wish I had more people following me on here..I was really hoping to get rid of twitter and facebook and just do this and babycenter and the occ myspace bc I love my layouts! Thank you for being my friend Erica lol your my only one!!!

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