Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Appt today.

What a day! I went in at 7 this morning for yet antoher 3 hr glucose test (I had to fast for 12hrs before hand UGH!)
I get there and they tell me I will be seeing the dr today and doing my 28weeks labs and my 3hr. I went and did my vitals first and the cma asked how Ive been feeling and such, I told her Ive been getting a bit light headed and my headaches are back in full force and that Ive been watching my bp and it has been going up and down a lot. Well she took my weight and SURPRISE I lost 2 lbs over the past 4 weeks this means im back down to 222 and I have only gained 7lbs the entire pregnancy. She took my bp and it was high 141/92 (im usually like 117/64) so I went to the lab and got my first set of tubes drawn (the fasting tube and then 3 tubes for the 28week labs) they of course missed quit a bit then finally got my vein (through out the whole day I was stuck 15x and needless to say they missed A LOT and blew my veins in both arms and I look like a complete bruised ip addict) moving on, I went back and saw the dr after the first set of tubes were done and she said the my belly(uterus) is growing great and Ethans heartbeat was great. She also made a comment on how Ethan wont be still very long and I told her trust me I know! He like to play catch me if you can! Well, she said that she believes that I am forming hypertension but she wasnt going to diagnosis me just yet, she wants to observe it a bit more first. Then I was told I have to start going to her office (my reg ob) every two weeks and that I will more than likely be going to see my mfm dr every two weeks. To top it off she said at my next visit with the mfm (on the 4th) I will be reffered to another set of drs as well and they will be seeing me weekly until they deliver me. This team will be the ones who do my c section and who prep Ethan for his surgery, Im excited to meet them but Im upset about there being so many appts. It is going to be VERY hard to pull it off with my job.
Well, I went back and sat in the lab after meeting with the dr and my 1hr draw and 2 hr draws were ok (lots of sticks but ok) then my last one the 3hr...the timer went off, and I was waiting to get stuck and I took off running, I threw it all up and the last stick :( they were going to make me start all over but the dr said it was ok to go ahead and draw the last tube! Thank goodness! I dont think I could go through that again! Well, I got home and Ive been sick ever since. I have ate and ate and drank and dran but nothing helps! Oh well Just gotta remember its all for Ethan!
Well Im going to bed! Ill be back on here soon!

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