Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Another day another dollar!

Since yesterday I have been extremely tired. I got home from work a little late yesterday so I came home, responded to a few emails and went to bed! I got woke up early today (Greg decided to turn on every light in the house and make all the noise he possibly could will getting ready for work at 5:30a ugh) so I've just been sitting on the couch on the computer. I never couls fall back to sleep. I have to be at work from 12-7 today and I dread it. Everytime I work later in the day I feel like Im just going to collapse into a deep sleep! But Im a trooper! I'll make it!

Today doesn't seem to be such a good day for Greg either. He was just on break at work and said that they are trying to kill him. Apparently they have him on the really fast machine again today. You know I try to be supportive an feel bad for him, but I have a really hard time doing it. All I can think is you try being pregnant and doing anything!!! I cant bend certain ways anymore AT ALL and I cant do 1/2 of anything I could before...then Im being kicked in the ribs and crotch all the time (dont get me wrong though I love feelinh Ethan move, but man can he be strong at times!)

I think I have done enough complaining for one day! So Im just gonna lay here one more hr then get ready and go into work! Hope everyone has a nice day!

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