Sunday, August 16, 2009

Still feeling accomplished!

I did it!! I got Ethans room cleaned out completely on Fri! And today Greg finally took out all the boxes of thing i had packed to go in the building! It is sooo nice to go in there and look around and know it is finally ETHANS room! I also got the rest of the house all nice and tidy! For the first time in a few weeks I would be completely fine with company just dropping in and not be worried about what they think about our house!

We went to the movies yesterday (Greg and I) and saw GI Joe, it was a good movie, very action packed but I dont think Ethan enjoyed it! He was moving around like crazy the whole time. I could actually sit there and watch my stomach move (this has been occuring more and more often recently) I think it was a little to loud for the little man! He better get used to it now though, we all know how loud his daddy and me can be!

I have to tell you that Greg sent me a text the other day while we were both at work and I have thought about it ever since, it was simply and I guess to others it would be meaningless but to me it was so sweet and I cant get it off my mind! All it said was "hows my babies doing?" Thats the first time he has really asked about both of us, it's always how are you or is Ethan active today? Idk I just thought it was sweet!

Well, Im going to get off here and go make dinner! Im really hungry, and Im sure if I am that means Ethan is too!

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