Tuesday, January 18, 2011

To call or not to call

Ethan is having issues with peeing again, it started during the day yesterday and continued on through the night. He is peeing so much that even if I change his diaper every two hours he leaks out. His fluid intake hasn't changed and he is eating the same stuff he usually does. This has happened before, it went on for a few days then magically disappeared. I took him to the urologist the first time this happened and they did another renal ultrasound only to tell me that he still has kidney reflux grade 1 and we'll just keep watching it.
Since clinic I have been thinking a lot about this whole urology thing. I've been asked several times by several Dr's and nurses has he had UTI's and I always say no. To my best knowledge he hasn't. He's never been dx'd with one. But now I'm really wondering...how would i know if he had one? I know a fever is a sign..he's had a ton of those recently, irritability...well that's him most days too. So what else is there? I talked to a lady from SB Clinic today and she suggested that if it continues for a few days to call urology. She also told me UTI symptoms are usually just pain while urinating (which I wouldn't know) fever, and irritability. She also said he may not become irritable from it if he doesn't have feeling there. I know she is right but it shattered my heart. That is one of the many "we don't knows" that I have forced myself to stop thinking about. I am terrified that he doesn't have sensation there, or that this bladder/kidney issue will persist and we will have to start catheing. I know other are in that place, I know it could be 1000x worse. But it is still hard to swollow. I just have to take a deep deep breath and take it one day at a time I suppose.

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