Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Let me start by saying that Ethan hasn't been feeling very good the past few days. I think that it is just a cold, but he has been pretty clingy and whiny. I was hoping to take him out to play in the snow yesterday since we missed it on Monday when it first fell, but his nose was just too runny and his cough was too strong. :( Greg and I were both home from work again yesterday and we all just had a nice lazy day.

Around 630 last night I was laying on our bed talking to a co-worker and I saw Ethan walk in the room. He never said anything just walked around so I didn't pay him much attention. Next thing I knew he was on the bed with me pouncing on me!!! That's right- my son who has SB is CLIMBING!! I immediately screamed he's climbing and then repeated it again (you know just in case my husband or co-worker didn't understand my scream lol) I just couldn't believe it! He laughed and played and tackled me for awhile then started saying down. I put him back on the floor and there he went the foot of the bed, climbed onto the laundry basket, then onto the bed. Clapped at himself then said down. We repeated this process until he got tired of doing it! I hate to admit it but my baby is become a little boy.

ST was canceled for today. Ethan's therapist wasn't comfortable driving down our back rds to get here-cant blame her. So hopefully next week we will get released!

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