Sunday, January 23, 2011

Oh my!

Ethan is becoming more and more active by the day! He is running around everywhere, climbing everything he possibly can, and talking and talking...and talking! There's no mistaking him for a baby anymore (as much as I may want to try at times.) Yesterday I was picking up around the living room, I look back and he had drug his white chair to the recliner and climbed in...then proceeded to watch Sesame Street and eat popcorn puffs lol.

 Ethan has began with attitudes. I have been told it is just a stage, a age thing. And that all kids test their moms around this time. It is driving me batty! I tell him no, he screams at me; I pop him, he hits me; I take him to his crib (because its obvious the other two dont work) he bites me. Now tell me why he doesnt do this to ANYONE else? And I am the main one to disapline him. i would think he would listen to me more and not Dad or Nana, but I guess not. I just keep telling myself #1 hes a kid and he WILL learn to listen eventually and #2 this too shall pass lol.

Ethan's peeing has gotten better. It's still not how it should be, but it is better. I am going to go ahead and call the urologist in the morning just to be safe. I know I couldn't live with myself if something happened because I didn't look out for him.I'm thinking a request for urodynamics is what I should be asking for (as suggested by a fellow mama) he has never had one, only renal ultrasounds. So we shall see!

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