Monday, November 16, 2009

Yay Formula!

I gave up on breast milk, I have been having trouble getting enough milk out when pumping and Ive been having to substitute with formula..but last night I was done with it completely! I've been debating on weather or not to go completely onto formula but Greg kept telling me to hang in there itll get better. Well it only got worse. I ended up getting mastisis (which HURTS) and it freaked me out bc I was getting blood with the milk when I pumped. As I said before Ethan has been sick and he has also been very gasy and fussy. After switching to the formula completely for only one day he is 100x's better! Greg and i both agreed it is for the best. Im a little disappointed bc I know how good breast milk is supposed to be for the baby and bc it is free...but if it's only gonna make him sick and I cant produce enough..its so not worth it.

So today me and Ethan were home alone and I had to go potty. I put Ethan in his swing and went to the bathroom. When I came back he had bent himself over and put his head on the tray to go to sleep! Thats my baby lol! I took a pic that Ill attach! Greg said it makes me look like a horrible parent like its hurting him or something..but I sat him up and he went back in the same position and laughed then went to sleep again! Apparently he liked it that way!

Well Im not gonna say too much tonight. Ethan is starting to get fussy so I think hes ready to eat..and Im very tired so I will feed him then go to bed!! Ill be back fri with a update from the ped!

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