Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Neuro Appt

Well, we just got home from the neuro appt and they didn't do anything but glance at Ethans back and measure his head. They said he is still to small and his breathing is too labored for them to sedate him to do the mri so we are going back for the mri in 5 weeks (the week after Christmas :( ) and then the week after that we will go back again to hear the results and schedule the surgery. They said we will probably do surgery in a few months and when we do do the surgery he will have to be in the nicu again for 3-5days for recovery. I was fine the whole time till they said he would be there 3-5. I was told at first it would be out-patient, it breaks my heart to know my precious baby is going to have to go back in the hospital to stay without me. I asked if there was a way he could be in a room where I could stay with him and apparently that is not a option..but I am not going to think about it anymore till closer to time. No need in me getting all torn apart now over something that isnt going to happen for a few months.

When we first got there the PA asked if we wanted to do the surgery next week or the week after that and I almost lost it. No one mentioned doing it that soon before. But when I asked if his breathing was a problem she went and got the surgeon and thats when they decided the plan we now have in place.

Thank you all for the support and prayers! Looks like Im going to be a nervous wreck once again in a few weeks...Ill try to be strong though and just give it all to God! I know he wont steer us wrong!

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