Thursday, September 24, 2009

Waiting on my little man!

As of today I am 33weeks and 3days pregnant with my little miracle Ethan! I cannot wait until his arrival! It has been such a long. hard, scary road to get us to this point and I feel like now we are finally about to make it to our destination!

I went to the reg ob today and things are well! I found out that the main reason for my lower back pain, blood in my urine, and the horrible pinching/stabbing pain in my side is all due to my little one! The dr said because of the way the baby is positioned that the pain is going to be nonstop until he either decides to move or is delivered (oh joy lol) he said that the baby is laying directly on top of one of my nerves and that is mainly what is causing all of the pain. My belly is still measuring ahead and Ethan's heartbest is still excellent. At this appt I weighed in at +3lbs so I am back up to a total of +9 for the total pregnancy. Dr Bland also told me that I should expect to gain at least 1 to 2 lbs weekly now because this is the time that lil man will be putting on all of his weight! The biggest news of all.....i was written out of work completely!!!!!! Im so glad! I can now take it easy at home and finish doing all the little things I wanna get done before Ethan arrives (like cleaning out the fridge lol)

Today my sister informed me that she thinks I will be having Ethan alot sooner than we all think (she says she had a dream) and my grandma and I both made our guesses on how much Ethan will weigh when he is born. Grandma says her guess is 6lb 3oz, my guess is 7lb 2oz, and Greg just put in his guess...9lbs 8oz! Greg is guessing we will be having a really big boy!

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