Sunday, September 20, 2009

L&D scare

Well, on Fri I was working at a high school blood drive out in monroe (about a hr away from my job and hospital) I was in phlebotomy for the beginning of the day and began to get severe pain in my lower back, so I assumed it was from all the standing,bending,squatting, and lifting of chairs(when a donor has a reaction we have to lift the chair back with them in it,so that they are eleveated) well, I asked to be removed form phlebotomy since I was in such severe pain and I was moved to history where I was able to sit. After sitting in history for about a hr I realized that the lower back pain was getting much worse and I was starting to have pressure in my lower stomach. I told one of my co workers,and as soon as she asked if I was having contractions, BAM! One hit! She went and got my bosses (there were 4 there bc of it being a big drive) and they came over and told me to call my dr bc of the pain/pressure/contraction. So I called and he said to meet him at the office (which oonce again is a hr away from where I was) so I told my bosses and they called to have someone come pick me up (we just get dropped off at the sites, and then picked back up at the end of the day when we are on lg drives) so I waited and waited, and 2hrs went by. Still no one there to get me. So they called again and he said he was almost there. He (mike, the driver) finally arrived and did we leave right away? NO. I had to wait on them to organize the blood coolers and count it all before we could go. We finally left and there was no way I would make it to the dr office before close and so i called them back and they told me to go to L&d and the the on call dr would meet me there. When I finally arrived, I had to do the urine test, and was put on monitors. They were tracking 6 contractions a hr, so they just gave me lots of water and elevated my feet. then they came in and said they foudn portein in my urine (they said thats normal) and they found some amionic fluid in the urine (they said it means im leaking fluid) and they found blood. So I was sent to get a u/s done and then when I got back to my room I got the results. Nothing wrong with my kidneys and my bladder, so they are not sure why there is blood in there? My dr came in and talked with me a few mins and then did a exam. She said that I am 2cm dialated and that I was leaking fluid but it was not busted. Then she says "oh theres his head" my response..."what?" "yea i felt the top of his head. I really didnt want to hear that and it freaked me out a bit. But dr said she though everything was ok and that I just need to stay off my feet as much as possible. So the dr wrote a note to my job that I am now only aloud to work 4hrs a day and 5days a week. She also informed me I am now on "modified bedrest" I go into my reg dr on thur and she said he might take me out of work all together then but she wasnt really sure, they would see how the week went. i was then discharged and came home to go to bed.

Sat, I had a bit of bleeding, but I called and they said it was ok unless there was alot or it was bright pink.

Here I am sun afternoon, and I am still having bad pains in my lower back and i am also achy all over. But, its managable, not nearly as bad as it was fri! I guess, i will find out more on thur? Im hoping at least! I will update thur night!!

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