Friday, September 11, 2009

This and that!

Once again I am a few days late posting about what went on this week, things just seem to keep getting busier and busier!
We met the neurosurgeon on this past tue. I really wasnt impressed. Actually I was really pissed off. All the other Drs kept telling me that the neuro could answer all my questions the best and would be of so much help. The neuro was a waste of my blessed $50! Oh well. I found out it will be one of 3 neuros that will do Ethan's surgery not the one they told me. I also found out that they can't answer my questions any better than any of the other Drs and actually he was more vage than the others. The only thing he could actually answer for us was that Ethan will have to be under general anestisa and will be intibated during the surgery (this terrifies me) but I guess I have no other choice, it's what has to be done for my little boy. Other than that we didnt find out anything.

I met my new OB today..I really like him! He takes time out to talk to me and get to know my past and present and what im looking for in the future! He answered a good deal of questions and seemed down to earth and VERY intelligent! I love it! I am more comfortable with him doing my c section than I am with anyone else. I NEVER thought I would be comfortable with a male ob (which it is still a bit odd but its ok!) The did the heartbeat check and it was in the 140's today he measured my belly and it is still measuring a bit big but he said it is ok. I also found out that he will take mw out of work at 36 weeks which is exactly one week before my little miricale will arrive!

Ethan's room has really come along! We have his crib set up,a rocker,a dresser, and a changing area. I will post pictures once it is completely finished! I should be done tomm night! My baby shower is tomm and I will get my crib beding I know and what else im not sure, but im soooo ready to put the bedding in the crib!

I am have been extremely tired the past few days, and very uncomfortable. My mother in law keeps telling me it only gets worse form here on out, and I really am tring not to believe her! I hope it doesnt get more uncomfortable! I already can't breathe or walk or even sit lol Im huge! But its all worth it!!! I would go through hell and back to have this baby boy!

Well, Im going to end it for the night.Ill be back soon to tell ya all about the baby shower! And hopefully Ill have good pics of that too!!!

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