Monday, September 7, 2009

Lots of News! Big post sorry!

Lots of things have been going on in the past few days and I really haven't had a chance to update until now. So here it goes!

I went to my reg ob on thur (9-3) and things went okay. My bp is still high and still being "watched" but not being diagnosised still with hypertension. My belly is measuring a little big but the Dr said she wont change my due date unless I get to 3cm too big (rigt now Im at 2cm too big) but to be honest, even if she changes my due date it wont matter. They arent going to do my c section before its scheduled time (10-20) at 37 weeks. I also found out that the blood work from my 28 week labs showed that I was extremely low on my iron and platelet counts. They did the blood work again, and I was still low but not alarmingly low this time so its another thing they are just going to keep a key on for now. They checked Ethan's heartbeat and it was a strong 135.

On Fri (9-4) we went to the mfm specialist,this appt went excellent! We saw a diff dr than usual but he was very nice and seemed to be very through. This Dr said that Ethan's ventricles still are looking good. He said that they are borderline measuring at 11cm (apparently 12cm is the beginging of hydrocephalus) but the Dr said that there doesn't seem to be any excess fluid in there which is great! He also said that the crebelum is measuring at 10cm which is pretty good, he said that he doesn't think that he definatly has Chiari he said there is what seems to be a small case of it but if it really is there it is not bad at all and shouldn't affect anything. Moving down the back, he said that the "sac" is measuring 1/2 a inch which is a bit bigger than the last appt but he said this was to be expected because of him growing. He also said that he thought the spina bifida was more in the sacral region than the lumbar. He asked me where the other Drs have been telling me it was and I told him at the very first appt they said S2 and from the 2nd appt on they've said L4. He said not to count on what any of them tell us because it is very hard to tell through a ultrasound and that we will know best after Ethan is born. He also said that the way Ethan was positioned at the time made it hard to tell. He then made a statement that shocked Greg and myself: "If you were coming here today to get a diagnosis of spina bifida I would not diagnosis it because this baaby soes not have clubbed feet or legs,he has a normal brain,he does not have a cleft lip or palet and the defect is very small and low on his back" he went on to say that we do know he hass spina bifida but id it wasnt for the previous ultrasounds that weve had he wouldnt be sure. I was very happy and optimistic with the news, but I am not putting all my beliefs or hopes into what he told me, just like I dont with all the other Drs. I firmly believe that it is all in God's plan, however Ethan is meant to be is how he is going to be!
I was referred to the Dr that is going to do my c-section (Dr Bland) I will be meeting him for the first time on Fri (9-11) I am excited to meet him, he seems wonderful! I've heard great things about him and he went out of his wa and called me himself to introduce himself! I have NEVER heard of a Dr calling his/her patients just to say hi this is who I am and I cant wait to meet you!

Sat, I got a call from my mother in law saying that Greg' Aunt Gail was at a yard sale and I needed to go up there and look at a carseat, so I went up there and it as the exact carseat that I wanted! I paid $30 for it and it was in excellent condition! The lady bought it back in Jan and said she only used it a couple of months! I brought it home and took it apart and wash and sanatized it and you would never even know it's used! WHOO HOO! lol

Sun, I went to work (first day since wed) while at work I went to the restroom and I lost my mucus plug. This scared the sh*t out of me. I called and talked to my Dr and I was told that this happens from time to time and it doesn't ness. mean that I am going to go into labor. The Dr said that since there was any blood and I am not having any mojor contractions that things should be ok, just to stay off my feet and get fplanty of fluids for the next few days. Since the office was closed yesterday and today I am supposed to call them tomm and update them on my condition unless I lose more mucus or I have contractions or anything. Then I am supposed to go to Labor and Delivery and call them while Im on my way. I am not going to lie I am pretty worried about this, at the appt fri when they measure Ethan on the ultrasound they said he was weighing in at 3lbs 5oz and I know his lungs cant be mature at this point. I want my lil man to bake a few more weeks so he can come out as healthy as possible!

Well I go to the neurosergon tomm (9-8) and we will be talking about the surgery and what all to expect with the surgeon. So I will get back on here tomm night and update everyone!

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