Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Baby Shower!

I finally had my baby shower this past Sat (9-12) and it went very well! I got tons and tons of stuff for Ethan! I can proudly say that we are ready for his arrival!! His room is all set up and decorated and the house is "baby proof" we have scrubbed and scrubbed and it is finally to my liking!

We had a baby shower at work today for myself,crystal, and lashauna. I gotta say I was a little bit surprised. The only people that participated was the ones throwing it :( over 100 employees and only 4 people joined in. But it was still nice of them none the less! I was a bit disappointed that no one waited on me. They had the actual shower with crystal and lashauna while I was out on a blood drive and didn't even save me a peice of cake :( oh well! I got presents!

Work is killing me yet again, I am working like a dog and no one at work seems to truely care. I keep getting comments like "isnt it about time for your dr to write you out" and " wow your so big, I cant believe your still working" Well damn it if Im so big and you dont think I should be working..why am i having to work soooo hard? Shouldn't you be helping me if your SO concerened? Guess not!

Greg is doing well,he is a bit tired and cranky but well none the less! And the most important of all...Ethan! He is very active still. I think he really enjoys seeing where he can push out the most lol everyday he is pushing here and there and if it doesnt stretch enough he will kick it! He already has such a personality, I can't wait to finally meet him! Only 5 weeks to go!

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