Monday, November 9, 2009

Sick baby :(

Things have been going pretty well, exhausting but well! Ethan has been doing a little better each night we are now able to sleep 2-3hours at a time until he wakes up hungry. My sister stayed with us last night to watch him for us so we could get a little rest. I got to sleep from 11p-4a! Then she couldnt stay awake anymore lol. No she sees why Im staying so tired, I cant just say "ok I cant stay awake anymore" and go to sleep! But anyways, she is amazing with Ethan! Im not going to lie I was a little worried at first bc I know she doesnt have a lot of patience for children but it is completely different with him and her! She adores him, and he LOVES his Aunt Lee Lee!

I had to take him to the ped again today..he is a sick baby :( he started yesterday with the crusty stuff all over his right eye then I noticed a greenish yellow gewy discharge. Then he had a high temp and he has been sneezing. He also was VERY inconsolable. We literally could not put him down at all without him screaming like we were killing him. The dr said that he has a cold with a viral infection in his eye. They said most babies his age and size would have to be re-admitted to the hospital but he is tolerating it very well! They gave me a prescription for eye drops but told me not to bother to fill it unless his eye gets puffy and very red. Otherwise I am to just keep cleaning it with warm water like Ive been doing. He seems to be much better. He has slept a good bit today (which means Im in for a longggg night!) but at least he seems more comfortable! Thats what really matters!

Tomm I have a appt with a lactation consultant. I have been having some issues with getting enough milk since fri and though it has gotten better I think it is a good idea to bight the bullet and go ahead and see a consultant before I run into a bigger problem and have to give him formula (which I REALLY dont want to do) I have to be honest I dont really wanna go to this appt but I know i should so I will.

And now for pics!! We have been trying new things at home..he really likes the swing Mr.and Mrs. Trinidad gave him! And he LOVES the bouncy seat Paw Paw Mike and Mimi Lisa got him!! He is also doing a lot better with sleeping in his bassinet. Oh and he likes to try and hold his own bottle lol I think I have a pic of that I can put in here too!! OK for some reason the site is being silly right now and wont let me upload I will have to try again :( sorry

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