Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ethan's home!

My baby boy is home! He came home tue 11/03 and it has been wonderful! My hands have been full but it is well worth it! The first night was VERY hard..Ethan did sleep hardly at all so neither did I, last night was a little better. My sister came over today to watch him for me so I could get a little rest (ended up with 1 1/2hrs) he got pretty fussy with her yet when I came in the room he was silent lol I guess he knows his momma hunh!

Greg and I gave Ethan his first bath at home last night and it went well. At first he was a little upset but soon he got over it! He was a very happy baby after it was all done! And best of all he went right to sleep!

He had his first pediatrician appt yesterday as well. Things went well. At first the Dr and I were on 2 diff pgs with the whole vaccine plan but we soon got on the same one (mine that it!) Otherwise we didnt really learn much of anything, he's 7lbs 8oz and eyes,ears,nose,and throat looked good.I dont think my Dr knows ANYTHING about SB but honestly I dont think thats really a bad thing. I havent decided fully yet if it is or not but time will tell. The only thing that bothered me was the Dr and asst were surprised that he is on latex precautions. I told them that it was common with SB and they just said oh.

Otherwise things are going well. Just hanging around the house with the baby!

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