Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Were getting closer!

Let's start with this morning! I woke up and called to check on Ethan! I was told that Ethan was taking complete bottles at every feeding all night, and that his oxygen was taken down from 1.25 to .125! They told me they were going to try to take him off his oxygen completely and see how that works. And that they were going to talk to the drs and see if Ethan can eat ad litem (which apparently means he can eat as much as he wants whenever he wants)

When I called back late on I was told the Drs approved Ethan on the feedings and that they had tried him off the oxygen but he had to go back on it. Apparently he was fine off of it on his tummy but when he was on his back or sides he was having a little trouble. I was also told Ethan weighed in at 6lbs 11oz which is 1 oz less than yesterday but i was told that was fine.

When I got up there to see Ethan tonight, no one told me they moved Ethan so I got VERY upset when I went to his bedside ans he wasnt there, I thought something was seriously wrong.Greg asked another nurse and we found out that they had actually moved Ethan! He was moved from the critical care unit over to the special care wing. The special care wing is where they send babies right before they are sent home! When I walked over there i saw Ethan right away! A nurse was sitting there holding him! And she handed him right over and I started to feed him (he took a whole 2oz bottle in less than 10 min!) The nurse practioner came down to talk to Greg and I about his echocardiagram and told us that Ethan does NOT have a heart murmur or arrythmia! He does have another conition (i cannt think of the name right now) but it is where a valve outside the heart didnt close the way it should have. She said that it should heal on its own within a month but they are going to get a pediatric cardiologist to come check it out just to be safe. She said the cardiologist will check him either tomm on wed. I wasnt able to stay but about 1 1/2hrs but at least Ethan was awake almost the whole time, I rocked him to sleep about 10min before time for me to leave and then I put him in his bed.

I am going back to see him tomm evening and I already cant wait! I am so glad that he is rocoverning and moving along so well. God is carrying him and Greg and I in his arms right now, protecting us. I am continueing to pray that God will see us through this and give Ethan tons of strength,good health, and happiness! I know that God will take good care of us!

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