Monday, October 12, 2009

Only a week!!!

I can't believe there is only 7 days until Ethan will be born! It seems as though I have been pregnant all year long and the end is finally here! I am over filled with joy, yet still filled with fear. I am ready to find out the actuality of everything. I am tired of playing the guessing games and listen to one Dr after another when each one of them have a different opinion. But we will know soon enough!
We found out today that Greg is going to be able to have off Mon-Wed which we are both extremely happy about! That means that Mon he will be there with me to hold my hand as we get the amino (for the lung development check) and Tue for the c-section and then also be there for Ethan's surgery either on Tue or Wed. We wont know for sure when his surgery is going to be until after he is born and evaluated.We also found out today that Greg may be able to take a few days off after Ethan is released from the hospital so he can be at home with us! It will have to be without pay..but honestly I am not that concerned with it. I feel that it is much more important to be able to have a few days at home with my hubby and our son so we can all adjust together!
I go back to the Dr tomm for some routine blood work and the usual measure the belly, take my weight, and listen to Ethan's heartbeat. I will then not have another appt until Mon when I go in for the amino. I think they are going to go ahead and take measurments of Ethan while I am there doing the amino but I am not sure, I will have to check in with Dr. Bland tomm and find out exactly what the plan is.

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