Friday, October 23, 2009

News and improvements!

The neuro finally came wed night! He told me that Ethan was ok to go home (as far as the SB goes) ans that we should treat him like a noraml baby (meaning we dont have to be super cautious about his sac he can lay on it and have clothes on forth) He said as of now they are still going to say that it is myelomengecele but it might actually only be meningecele! They will let us know when we go to our follow up in 4 weeks! At the follow up we will do ultrasound,ct scan, and mri that way they can get a better idea of whats going on and when they should do surgery (we were told it will now be 1-2 months before they do it bc he is not at risk of furthur damage or of infection! That way he can get bigger and grow more strength)

Ethan's breathing has been slowly progressing. We have gone from a vent,to a cpap, and now just the nose canula! He was able to have the oxygen intake reduced a few times now but this morning had to go back up a notch :( I was told that last night they had to move his IV and he got VERY upset and began to have more trouble breathing. As of now i am being told they think he will be able to go home next weekend (probably) he has to be breathing on his own completely for 3days before he can be released.

He was put under lights this morning because of jaundice. They mentioned the jaundice to me before but said it wasn't that bad. Last night he began to turn more yellowish/orange so they did blood work and sure enough he has it. They are saying the lights will last 2-3 days and then it should be all better.

He had a little trouble with his heartbeat yesterday 2x both times while he was sleeping his hb dropped then came back up (on its own) the first time it happened I was told not to worry about it that it happenes sometimes with no reason to little newborns. The 2nd time it happened I was told they aren't sure why a 2day old is all of a sudden doing this and they are watching it VERY cloesly, thankfully it hasn't happened again!

Feeding!!! My strong little man, is finally getting milk! We are working our way up every other feeding by 2 cc's and each time we go up 2 we get to take away .7 from his IV! As long as he keeps tolerating it well he should be off the IV by sun/mon (I was told this may be sooner depending on how he does) They finally got Ethan to take a entire bottle (16cc's) this morning at 5am!! They said they switched from a normal nipple to a premie one and he did WAY better! Hopefully that will be the trick and we can get that tube taken out of his throat!

And I have to brag for just a moment here!! I am SO EXCITED to tell you all that I got to hold Ethan 2x's yesterday, the first time on a pillow on my lap and the second time on my chest! He loved laying on me, the second time I cried a little! He just looked up at me and cooed! (He hasn't really been opeing his eyes, in fact I am the only person in the family to see his eyes open yet!) I gave him some of a bottle both times and he did ok! The second time I rocked my baby boy to sleep!! The nurse had to wake me up too lol I was so tired but I refused to put him down until they forced me so I rocked him and myslef to sleep! I also got to give him a sponge bath yesterday (which he despises) and I helped him get weighed (he dropped from 6lb 14oz to 6lb 8oz they said this was noraml though) and finally I got to change his diaper 2x's as well! I never thought I would be so excited nd proud over the little things..but the littlest things with Ethan mean the absolute world to me! I honestly never knoew I could love anyone as much as I love my son! I have always heard people say they love their children more than life itself, and now I understand! I would give anything to make my baby boy all better!

Im hoping that today Greg will get to hold him (it'll be his first time!) and hopefully they will let him feed him as well, I asked a little bit ago and they said we can have him out and hold him for 20-30 min at a time around feeding time! Im so glad Greg will be back up here with me in a litte while! I've missed him so much, I didn't realize how muc he was holding me up until he had to go home for work. I love my husband!

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